Our passion for Internal Threads covers both the creation of the threads and their measurement. This passion has led us to promote our line of Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated gages that provide you with a significant improvement to your quality system. For more information on thread gages, contact us.


How do we provide this improvement?

  • Long certifications are provided – always. The price of our gages automatically includes the long certification. Why? Demanding customer want full trace-ability.
  • The TiN coat is a Visual Indicator. Thread gages wear. That is why they need calibration. With normal “bright” gages, you will not know if or when your gages wear. With TiN coated gages, you know the gage needs replacement when you can see the base material. It’s easy and you can train your operators to help with the monitoring process.


Both our taps and our gages provide some of the best performance in the industry. Our gages can last up to 10 times longer than conventional gages. Why do the gages perform so well?

  • The gage members are ground out of hardened, high speed steel. With the members being over 60Rc, you have a significant performance advantage of gage members ground from tool steel.
  • The TiN coating provides even more wear resistance. With a Nanohardness of 30 HIT[GPa], the high hardness of TiN coating can measure tens of thousands of holes without showing any sign of wear.
  • The TiN coating provide lubricity. One of the common causes of damage the thread members is chips. Chips adhere to the thread gages, and when the gages are used, the chips can implant themselves on the gage members. The TiN coating provides a smooth and slippery surface that resists chips.
Thread Gages