A286 Taps

Fasteners for automotive, aerospace and general purpose applications all demand consistent high quality threads. 

Lucky for you, that’s why Jarvis Cutting Tools exists. To bring to market superior cutting tools that bring out the most in any fastener application. Further, since fastener manufacturers operate with very close profit margins, the taps used must be cost effective by generating long tool life and performing at a high rate, all at the lowest possible cost.

One such fastener that is of utmost importance when it comes to the tap is the A286 fastener. For this particular fastener, Jarvis has long been the purveyor of the Jarhook product line of taps. Our Jarhook tap is the best available tap for A286 fasteners. In fact, during extensive testing the Jarhook surpassed all of the competition in tool life and tapping speed. In a controlled testing environment the 10-32 Jarhook A286 tap achieved an average tool life of 1,200 holes at a speed of 1,000 RPM in A286 6-point nuts. This outperformed the competition at this speed by over 30%.

Jarvis A286 taps (as well as every tool in our extensive line of fastener tapping solutions are) are:

  • Designed specifically for the material
  • Designed for optimal tool life
  • Consistent high quality threads
  • Available in different configurations (spiral point, spiral flute, forming) for your application

The premium A286 Jarhook tap is designed and produced with the combination of premium high speed steel substrate, the Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) surface treatment, and a free cutting geometry, which ultimately makes this product line the top choice for aerospace manufacturing companies looking for an A286 tap for their applicable fastener needs.

Jarvis Jarhook A286 tapping tool line:

  • Maximizes Speed
  • Jarvis has the answer to maximizing tapping speed and optimizing cycle times. We offer:
  • High performance surface treatments
  • Free cutting geometries
  • Proprietary geometry
  • Removed male center taps for shorter tap throw (as requested)

Special Requirements
Jarvis custom manufactures taps for all special and exotic requirements. Some of the features we offer are:

  • Control Minor Diameter (CMD)
  • Left hand
  • Nib taps
  • Special thread forms
  • Tapered threads

Our customers need a competitive advantage, and gaining an advantage in this competitive industry is not easy. It requires work, discipline, and more work. It requires both you (aka the customer) and us (aka the supplier) to define the objective, test the options, measure the results, and implement the solution. Standard catalog items can take you only part of the way; why not experience an exclusive solution?

With that in mind, Jarvis’ exclusive tooling solutions have been continuously proven to reach far beyond the performance of the tools you are using now. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and (if applicable) trial period to help cultivate the exact tool you need to achieve a competitive advantage. Who can’t benefit from that?