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Everything you need to know about the benefits of special tools and making the ‘switch’

When To Consider Exclusive Tools

– What do your internal tapping applications look like?
What’s your daily output?
Are you using off-the-shelf solutions?
– Does your jobs require exclusive tapping and/or drilling tools?

If you’re looking for a tool that you’re only going to use once or twice, you don’t necessarily need to put any thought into the bottom line or special tooling.

BUT if you are operating standard tools on a repetitive basis or looking to minimize your cost-per-hole…

You’ve come to the right people.

10+ Machines
Repeating Production
Standard Deviation
Units Per Tap

If you answered yes to any of the above –
You may benefit from switching to an exclusive tool.

A quick cost benefit analysis is the best way to determine if exclusive tools are right for you.

Exclusive Question Jarvis

How frequently do you run this job/tool?

Exclusive Question Jarvis

How many of these taps do you purchase per year?

Exclusive Question Jarvis

How many units are produced per tap?

Exclusive Question Jarvis

What is the standard deviation?

The cost benefit for special tools lies in repetitive production.

When you run a job repeatedly it’s in your best interest to maximize each run and reduce your cost-per-hole.

Made For Performance. Made For You.

Tapping Tool Solutions

When and Why to Switch

Reducing the cost-per-hole offers you additional value. Just because it “works” doesn’t mean it’s “working” from all vantage points. Consider the following:

Cost Analysis/Benefits

Having an intimate knowledge of these areas will greatly impact your decision and, quite frankly, enable us to come up with a competitive solution to meet your unique tap tooling needs.

In order to create the most suitable, cost effective tool design to meet your specifications and requirements we encourage you to contact our engineering department. Each job is unique and certain information is needed by our engineering team to be able to design and quote a tooling solution.

Customer Success

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Face to Face

The value of in-person support.

It’s easy to sell products if you have a market to sell to. It’s also easy to be sold to if you’re in the market the seller is targeting. What comes after the transaction though? Or, better yet, what comes before? Are you sure you’re getting exactly what you need? Is the seller open to helping you get things working smoothly and efficiently after the transaction has occurred? In many cases, the answer to the later question is, “no.”

That’s where Jarvis Cutting Tools differentiates ourselves. We’re not here to sell you something, we’re here to make sure what you’re purchasing is improving your processes and return on investment.

One of our clients operates a major manufacturing plant in Mexico, not far from the U.S. border. Among other things, the facility manufactures millions of fasteners every year. The fasteners are stamped and tapped in custom-built stations. When we started working with them, they told us they were focused on improving the output of the machines; looking for higher quality result with a lower cycle time.

Managers and engineers at the facility had worked with other suppliers, but they were frustrated by the process and overall lack of in-person support due to the company’s geographic location. They were ecstatic when one of our engineers showed up with an interpreter from our office. We:

  • Evaluated their equipment
  • Recommended a new tap they could use to improve their cycle time
  • Set up several runs for them
“We evaluated their equipment, recommended a new tap they could use to improve their cycle time, then set up several runs for them.”
Special Tools Test
Special Tools Test
Jarvis Tap

The Results

Using a 10-32 size tap, they went from tapping 1,000 holes per tap to 3,000 holes per tap in A-286 sheet metal.

This company’s old taps cost roughly $10 each. The new Jarvis tap we designed for them cost around $15. Running the numbers, you can see the profit this uncovered for them:

If the facility taps 10 million fasteners a year, they’ll see a savings of:


10,000,000 x $0.010 per hole = $100,000


10,000,000 x $0.005 per hole = $50,000

That’s 50% decrease in cost—from changing their supplier for one tap on one machine type in a much larger facility. It only happened after an engineer made an onsite visit to correctly diagnose the situation.

Less is more.

Spending less can cost you more in the long run.

Jarvis works with customers from many different industries. One of our successful ventures came in the form of a client we have in the aerospace industry. We sent out an engineer to learn about the client’s operative processes and understand the pain point associated with this work. The company was using an expensive tap from one of our competitors (typical cost: $145 per tap). The threads created by this process were critical: they were the primary mechanism holding the engine in place on the rocket they were building. No small feat, no small job.

In short, the tapping tool the client was utilizing tapped 8 holes in the span of 22 minutes, and then needed to be discarded following this cycle.

Jarvis engineered a custom tool to fit the exact application and tested it out with the client which resulted to the tapping production of 50 holes in the span of 4 minutes.

That’s 5x the output in less than 20% the total run time.

Cost of each tap per hole:

$145 / 8 holes
= $18.13 per hole

$220 / 50 holes
= $4.40 per hole

Productivity per cycle:

Original Tap
$50 / hour labor cost x 22 minutes
= $18.33 Labor Cost

$50 / labor cost x 4 minutes
= $3.33 Labor Cost

“The results? Instead of 8 holes, the Jarvis tap produced 50 holes before having to be replaced.”
5x The Holes

Expense, uptime, and labor.

Get more out of your expenditures and overall manufacturing processes with tooling that works for you.

In need of greater, optimized productivity? Unsure if it’s even an issue? Let Jarvis Cutting Tools take a look “under the hood.”

One of our clients had a nagging engineering problem with its 90-liter engine, one of its biggest models. There are over 50 holes drilled around the top of the engine block. Unfortunately, the drilling process was leaving iron chips in the holes before tapping and removing them had become a tedious nuisance.

The iron chips tended to get wedged in the holes. The company tried several methods to blow the chips out of the holes, including one with a CNC machine, but nothing worked. To pass inspection, operators were being forced to climb to the top of the engine block. They’d either blow out the iron chips with an air hose, or pick the chips them out manually. What they didn’t realize? An exclusive designed tap could completely remove the excess chips during the tapping process.

“Jarvis engineers worked with the company’s production team to create an exclusive tap design suitable for the engine block holes.”
Tap Optimize

The Experiment

Jarvis engineers worked with the company’s production team to create an exclusive tap design suitable for the engine block holes. The taps were created with through-the-spindle coolant and a wide flute to remove the chips left behind by the drilling process. Jarvis designed the taps and provided them at no cost for the test.

The Results

When the taps were delivered, the company ran the planned experiment on one of its large engine blocks. The chips from the drilling process were left in the holes prior to tapping. The result? The exclusively designed taps threaded the holes and completely removed the excess iron chips in the process.

All that remained were 50+ perfectly-threaded holes circling the top of the engine mount. By using the exclusively designed Jarvis taps, the production team no longer had to climb atop the 15-foot engine mount to manually remove iron chips.

Hidden Savings #1

Lower Tooling Expense

You might expect exclusively designed tooling to be more expensive. But in this case, the catalog provider’s taps were 25% more expensive than Jarvis’ exclusively designed taps. Also, the Jarvis taps lasted longer. The competitor’s taps lasted an average of 300 minutes. In testing, the exclusively designed Jarvis taps lasted well over 500 minutes on this application.

The lower cost and increased efficiency led to an almost 40% reduction in tooling costs for the production team.

Hidden Savings #2

No shutdown of the line

A shutdown of this manufacturing line would have cost the company thousands of dollars a minute. The company’s previous tooling supplier required a minimum 16-week lead time. On several occasions, the company almost had to shut down the line because of lack of tooling.

With the new Jarvis taps, shutdown is no longer a major concern. Jarvis’ turnaround time is 4- weeks, which means the line is now far less likely to experience a shutdown due to lack of tooling.

Hidden Savings #3

Hidden saving #3:

By eliminating the manual work needed to remove chips from the drilling process, the company dramatically improved cycle time on the line. The wide-fluted taps meant the company could machine the engine blocks unattended—including overnight and on the weekends— providing another dramatic improvement in total labor expense for the project.

In total, the company expects the new tooling will result in well over $1,000,000 in additional profit for the company over the next 5 years, just on this one process which cost them $0 up front.

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