Threading Advanced High Strength Steels?
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ARVIS Processes Materials Taps

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From common tool sets to custom geometrical needs, Jarvis Cutting Tools creates toolsets
for our customers that are, quite simply, second to none.

Stronger Taps

The absence of cutting material due to the use of forming taps eliminates chip residue, and thus, the absence of chips eliminates the need for flutes, resulting in a solid, stronger tap for your application.

Chipless Tapping

Since the thread is formed and not cut, there are no chips to interfere with the tapping process or to cause chip-removal problems in blind holes. This enables cleaner holes with improved surface finish.

Longer Tap Life Jarvis

Longer Tap Life

Jarvis’ industry-leading forming taps last 3 to 20 times longer than cutting taps because they have no cutting edge to dull. This leads to cost savings and greater returns, which in the end equals a stronger hold and a bolstered bottom line. Both are sound business practices.

Stronger Threads

The grain flow of formed threads – as a result of form tapping – follows the contour of the thread resulting in greater thread strength.

Better Thread Gaging Jarvis

Better Thread Gaging

Forming taps rearranges the metal in the hole to create the thread. Because no metal is cut away, the possibility of producing oversized threads is greatly reduced.

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Tested Performance - Proven Results

We deal with an assortment of manufactured tapping tools here at Jarvis.