Carbide and HSS Rotary Files

Jarvis HSS and carbide rotary files are without question considered the most durable in production and are particularly popular in the fields of aerospace, mold making, tool room and die shop use, and general production. Repeated tests have proven Jarvis rotary files to outlast competitive files many times over. 

Their versatility of application ranges from use for any machinable or grind-able materials whether plastic or hardened steel. By consistent excellent performance and the usual economy of Jarvis tools, they have become firmly established among those who appreciate quality.

Jarvis offers a variety of fluting alternatives for of your application depending on the material removal rate and finish requirements. Standard fluting will be supplied unless otherwise specified. 

Other fluting options include:

  • Chip Breaker
  • Coarse Cut
  • Fine Cut
  • Herringbone Cut: for superior finish
  • Diamond Cut: for tough to machine materials