The DeMichele Group

The DeMichele Group is based out of Chandler, AZ and is dedicated to the development of industry specific software and fabricating equipment. The team continues to develop innovative solutions by capitalizing on the knowledge, experience and insights of three generations working together for the benefit of our customers.

DeMichele Group’s RHINOFAB 900

RhinoFab Revised Sticker

The American Made RhinoFAB 900 Machining Center takes storefront and curtain wall material and pushes it through a fabrication center where it can drill or rout from the top, bottom and front to create fabrication holes and shapes and then a 90 degree upcut saw to trim or cut the product to the required size. Once a part has completed the fabrication cycle.


  • 9 Axis CNC High Speed Drills
  • 90 Degree Up Cut Saw Built In
  • 22″ Saw Blade
  • Automated Cutting and Drilling
  • Swing Arm Mounted PC Control with Touch Screen
  • Independent Oil Misting System for Cutting and Drilling
  • Automatic Part Depth Drill Compensation

The Demichele Group’s Preferred Jarvis Tool for RhinoFab Machines

The Nucon HSS Drill


  • Manufactured from premium HSS material
  • 118° Helical Point eliminates need for spot drilling
  • 118° Helical Point reduces exit burr
  • All diameters are 2.64″ OAL. Short length improves rigidity and simplifies CNC programming
  • Flute geometry almost eliminates the problem of Aluminum “packing” the flutes


Nucon HSS Drills
Drill info graphic

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