Zagar Inc.

Zagar Inc is a custom machine builder founded in 1938 focusing on one simple idea, everything needs holes.

Zagar Inc.

With simple work holding and great engineering, Zagar has developed a full line of quality work holding products which have been used in machine shops across the country.  

Zagar has invented the gearless, multi-spindle drill/tap head and built machines that can drill anywhere from 2 to 5,184 holes at once. Currently, Zagar has the engineering capabilities to create solutions for any mass hole drilling or tapping application, anywhere in the world. In these machines, Zagar runs Jarvis Cutting Tools to continue their commitment to quality. From automotive, aerospace, appliance, electrical distribution and everything in between, Zagar is your one stop shop for hole making solutions. 

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Zagar’s Preferred Jarvis Tools

Jartek | Jarhook | Jartuff | Jartanium

Aerospace taps


Jarvis has the answer to maximizing tapping speed and optimizing cycle times. We offer:

  • High Performance Surface Treatments
  • Free Cutting Geometries
  • Proprietary Geometry
  • Ground Male Center Taps for shorter tap throw


Jarvis custom manufactures taps for all special and exotic requirements. Some of the features we offer are:

  • CMD
  • Coolant Through
  • Left Hand
  • Nib Taps
  • Radius Crest
  • Special Thread Forms
  • Tapered Threads
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