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When and why to switch

Reducing the cost-per-hole offers you additional value. Just because it “works’ doesn’t mean it’s “working’ on all levels and vantage points. Consider the following:


  • How frequently do you run this job/tool?
  • How many of these taps do you purchase per year?
  • How many units do average per tap?
  • What is the standard deviation?

Having an intimate knowledge of these areas will greatly impact your decision and, quite frankly, enable us to come up with a competitive solution to meet your unique tap tooling needs.

In order to create the most suitable, cost effective tool design to meet your specifications and requirements we encourage you to contact our engineering department. Each job is unique and certain information is needed by our engineering team to be able to design and quote a tooling solution.

Tapping Tool Solutions
Tapping Tool Solutions

Learn About The Hidden Savings By Modernizing Your Tooling Solutions

Engineering help and information

If you need an engineer’s assistance

Call us or submit the form below and one of our reps will be in contact soon.

Ken Pickering: Vice President of Manufacturing Technology | Direct Line 603-994-4215

Bill Wortley: Senior Product Engineer and Applications Specialist | Direct Line: 603-994-4201

Kane Irwin: (Canada): Field Application Engineer | Direct Line: 1+ 519 -589-1251

Jerry Long: (South-East): Field Application Engineer | Direct Line: 603-303-6027

  • We encourage you to send a tool sketch/part print and a detailed description of your requirements.
    We encourage you to provide the following information when requesting a Special Tool:

    • Intended Use
    • Workpiece Material and it’s Condition
    • Dimensions/Tolerances/Speed/Coolant
    • Issue/current failure with the current tool (if applicable)
    • Quantity (ongoing or one-time use)
    • Required delivery date
  • Accepted file types: jpg, pdf.
    Your answers to these questions can help us find the most suitable, cost effective design to meet your requirements.
    Please allow up to 24 hours for a response to a special tool request.