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Check out this Nucon Drill application from @randomfabrication

vblock feature 2vblock feature metalworks

Joe (Random Fab) used our 7/16 Nucon to make a 1.630 through hole in 6061 aluminum with type 2 anodizing.

Joe purchased the Nucons from our friends over at Maritool. Thanks for recommending Jarvis, we appreciate you guys!

They are making an adjustable v-blocks for welding tables for @genuine_metalworks

We love seeing what y’all make with our tools so big THANK YOU to Random Fab for coming through on the social media tags!

We’re glad the tools worked well and were able to get the job done!

Joe was really impressed with the drills performance.

Our Nucon drills are ideal for aluminum applications. They also offer huge cost savings over carbide drills.

drilling aluminum graphic

Learn more about Random Fabrication and see more of their projects on their website.

The V-Blocks can be purchased through Genuine Metalworks | Shop Now


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