Small Diameter Form Taps? We make thousands of them. 

We call them Jarflos and they are the world leader in production and quality. 

Want it your way? No problem.

Yes we have catalog items, nut you are not constrained to only purchase them. We make taps how you want them and they are made with responsive leadtimes. 

Need Engineering Support? We provide it. 

You can all our factory directly and talk to our engineers. They have both vast experience with tapping and vast experience with the tapping process. If you are in-die tapping or tapping with a drill-tap machine, we can help you with your entire process. 

American Made? You bet. 

We manufacture our taps in Rochester, New Hampshire and our family owned business is committed to supporting American manufacturing.

World Class? Without a doubt. 

We combine the best machine tools with world class engineering to design and produce Jarflos that outperform the best the world can produce. 

For more information on our Jarflos, please go to the Products tab to learn more.
You can also call our Senior Application Engineer, Bill Wortley at (603) 332-9000.