Forming Tap
Forming Tap
Forming Tap

To start, here is the difference between form taps and cutting taps: Forming taps displace the metal/material - cutting taps remove the material. 

Some benefits to form tapping:

Stronger Taps: The absence of chips eliminates the need for flutes, resulting in a solid, stronger tap. 

Chipless tapping: Since the thread is formed and not cut, there are no chips to interfere with the tapping process or to cause chip-removal problems in blind holes. 

Longer Tap Life: Our forming taps last 3 to 20 times longer than cutting taps because they have no cutting edge to dull. 

Stronger Threads: The grain flow of formed threads follows the contour of the thread resulting in greater thread strength. 

Better Thread Gaging: Forming taps rearrange the metal in the hole to create the thread. Because no metal is cut away, the possibility of producing over-sized threads is greatly reduced.