Employment Opportunities


Want to be part of the Global Economy but work in New Hampshire? Want to learn new machining skills? Do you enjoy the security and benefits of working for a family business? If you answer yes to these questions, a job at Jarvis Cutting Tools is right for you!

We are a 116-year-old, 5th generation, family business who values the skills and insights of our workforce. We invest not days, not weeks, but months into training you to produce the highest quality, most productive tools in the industry.

After our training you will not only inspect and run our precision equipment, but you will be able to do complete set-ups of the machines. Because we invest so much in training, we do not need previous experience.What we do want is the following:

  • The desire to learn
  • The expectation to be the best
  • The pride in your work to produce world class products

As with everything in life there is always fine print at the end, we also require:

  • Good math skills
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • The ability to lift and carry 40 pounds
  • The successful completion of a physical exam and drug screening

*We require that all of our applicants fill out the application in our lobby. See please allocate the time that you would need to fill out our application at our office.

Thank you!

Our Address: 100 Jarvis Avenue | Rochester, NH 03868 | TEL: 603-332-9000

Updated: 03/21/2017