The new and improved Jarhook is the best available tap for A286 fasteners. During extensive testing the Jarhook surpassed all of the competition in tool life and tapping speed. The data speaks for itself, in a controlled test the 10-32 Jarhook achieved an average tool life of 1200 holes at a speed of 1000 RPM in A286 6 point nuts. This outperformed the competition at this speed by over 30%.


Jarvis offers high performance nib taps for tapping on Davenport machines. These taps are available as nibs alone or as a welded assembly of the nib and the shank. The nib tap can be custom made to accommodate any thread length necessary for the application. Jarvis has extensive experience making short thread length spiral pointed nib taps along with long chamfer straight fluted nib taps.


Jarvis has extensive experience tapping collars in a variety of materials ranging from Aluminum to Titanium 6Al 4V. This experience has assisted in the development of the optimum cutting geometries for these material specific applications.


Locking threads are common on a number of aerospace applications. Unfortunately most of the tap manufacturers making these locking thread form taps only offer a general purpose tap. Jarvis offers material specific Jarlock taps for the aerospace market. Some of the material we work with are Inconel 718, Waspaloy, Titanium 6AL 4V, etc. We guarentee that these taps will work with Spiralok® gages.


Jarvis offers both multilead cut and form taps for the aerospace market. Some multilead applications we are familier with are Inconel Inserts and A286 panel fasteners. Our material specific multilead taps will outperform the competition every day of the week.


Jarvis excels in tapping 718 Inconel in any condition, one example that we have shown exceptional tool life in tapping engine components made from Inconel 718 super alloy that has gone through the HIP process. These engines components can be found on your general commercial airline.

Jarvis has tapped holes in components of the new F-35 fighter jet engine. We successfully increased the customers tool life by 300% in a proprietary super alloy.



Jarvis has the answer to maximizing tapping speed and optimizing cycle times. We offer:

  • High Performance Surface Treatments
  • Free Cutting Geometries
  • Proprietary Geometry
  • Ground Male Center Taps for shorter tap throw


Effectively controlling the direction of the chip is essential for tool and machine up-time. Whether you are tapping a standard length fastener or a long-barreled fastener, Jarvis has designs to insure that the chips are released by the taps and you do not experience “pull back”. Jarvis also has developed solutions to evacuate chips from counter bored parts. If your operators are modifying taps, contact Jarvis for factory ground solutions.


Jarvis offers the highest performance SPFL taps on the market. Using a wide range of spiral flute helixes and cutting geometries we can solve any blind hole problem you may come across.


Jarvis custom manufactures taps for all special and exotic requirements. Some of the features we offer are:

  • CMD
  • Coolant Through
  • Left Hand
  • Nib Taps
  • Radius Crest
  • Special Thread Forms
  • Tapered Threads

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